Maryland Nursing Home Biohazard Disposal



Maryland Nursing homes & home Maryland healthcare industries are in need of recycling and waste management programs due to the medical waste and disposal necessary for a properly run facility in Maryland. Waste reduction starts before it begins, using waste prevention eliminates waste before it is created. Biohazard, Sharps and Red bag regulated waste at nursing homes requires strict regulations that hospitals are aware of on a local, State and National level. Infectious red bag material, which is specially handled and can be a high cost item for Maryland nursing homes, should always be managed as it has been in the past.

Nursing homes need a recycling program for the tenants.  The program should recover as many recyclables as possible. In most cases, tenants welcome the opportunity to recycle.

Regulated Maryland Waste Reduction Tips

Follow a few steps in Maryland when you dispose of contaminated materials and sharp objects.  By doing so, you can help prevent injury, illness, and pollution. Fortunately, many waste prevention practices save money. Waste reduction, the combination of waste prevention and recycling efforts, makes sense for hospital nursing home staff, residents and the environment.

-Sharps, needles, syringes and other sharp objects should be stored in approved sharps containers with a secure lid.  Containers specifically designed for disposing of sharps are readily available for purchase.

-Before discarding a container, be sure to reinforce the lid with heavy-duty tape. Do not put sharp objects in any container you plan to recycle and do not use glass or clear plastic containers

-Make sure that you keep all containers with sharp objects out of the reach of visitors such as children or pets, it is best practice to have a designated area that is secure for all biohazard waste including sharps.

-Before disposing of medical gloves bandages and sheets, they should be secured in red biohazard plastic bags.

Encourage all staff and residents at the nursing home to get involved in recycling and waste management. Not only does it create a healthier environment but it also makes for a cleaner planet.