Our Service

Secure Waste Healthcare disposal offers a safe and convenient medical waste management program. Our team knows what you need and we pride ourselves in providing the best biohazard waste services in the healthcare industry. We also understand the importance of you saving money without sacrificing service or medical waste compliance. Secure Waste will be your trusted partner in your medical waste management program.


Biohazard Waste Removal

Biohazard waste is any biological wastes that may contain a human pathogen. All waste that may contain human pathogens must be disposed of as biomedical hazardous waste.


Dialysis Waste Removal

Most items used during dialysis are considered a biohazardous. Secure Waste specializes in servicing dialysis centers for medical waste disposal. Custom packages are available for your practice.


Outpatient Medical Removal

We work with all outpatient facilities for medical waste and sharps disposal. We understand the needs for medical waste disposal in an outpatient facility may vary from week to week.


Physician Offices

Health care facilities, including, but are not limited to hospitals, physician’s offices, dental practices and veterinary hospitals generate a variety of waste streams let secure Waste help you with proper waste segregation and medical and biohazard management of certain waste streams.


Veterinary Medical Waste

Many waste streams including veterinary hospitals are regulated at the state and local level while others may be governed by federal regulations, we can help.