The Worst And Costliest Medical Waste Management Mistakes Ever

If you run a healthcare center, you would undoubtedly be dealing with a large amount of medical waste- every single day.

And away from human healthcare, there are hoards of other facilities too which generate a considerable amount of human waste. For instance, vet clinics, funeral homes, tattoo parlors and even regular houses are some highly non-considered places which generate lots of medical wastes.

Needless to mention, they all need the services of biohazard pickup companies to help them out with the waste.

However, as they say, waste management should start at the point it gets generated. And not any biohazard disposal organization, but the center itself is responsible to manage such a waste until it gets picked up.

In the process, here are some grave mistakes which the centers normally tend to make in terms of waste management:

Inadequate Packaging OfThe Wastes:

Medical waste is highly heterogeneous in nature and cannot be stored in just a single container. Similarly, while you take proper measures to store them in their designated containers, it is also a prime responsibility to check whether the waste gets packed properly.

If you skimp on packaging the medical waste, not only it becomes a costly, but also a deadly issue for your staff members and others too.

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Improper Signage:

Signage is not only restricted to the containers you store your medical waste in.

In fact, you need to let the people know about hazardous and forbidden places of storing the wastes and even provide instructions related to the possible consequences, in case of negligence.

In case a person comes in contact with contaminated medical waste due to unrestricted entries, this could lead to lots of life-threatening and legal issues etc.

Untrained Employees:

No matter at what level the healthcare employees work, all of these need to possess proper training and education relating the management of medical wastes.

As per the regulations, all such personnel should be offered proper OSHA training which helps them keep track of the waste and even help them in managing it effectively.

Lack of training and education would always be a very costly and fatal affair for your medical waste disposal in Leesburg or anywhere else.

These are some of the scariest and the most expensive mistakes that many healthcare centers generally tend to make.

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However, when you work in accordance with the regulations and get the assistance of a good medical waste disposal agency, you can always subside most of these for a safe and eco-friendly medical waste management.

Medical Wastes: What To Do And What Not To Do

It’s such a pity that even years after formulation of specific regulations for effective disposal of hazardous medical wastes, people are still not aware of even the basics.

For instance, if you run a healthcare center or are even a part of it, biomedical waste management could be quite overwhelming. In the midst of innumerable activities that you need to perform daily, keeping track of the important elements relating medical wastes is certainly a tough nut to crack.

However, no matter how intricate it might be, proper management of biohazard wastes is an absolute obligation.

And for this, here we have brought for you a few important activities- some which are imperative to perform and others which should be absolutely forbidden.

What You Should Always Do:

  • Consult an expert, fully-licensed, bonded and insured medical waste disposal agency for biohazard disposal.
  • Never forget to formulate an effective waste management plan which encompasses training of your employees and waste pickup schedules for the waste management organization.
  • Educate and encourage your employees thoroughly. Let them know what is to be discarded in what type of container. Improper segmentation of wastes could always lead to some extra costs.
  • Label the biohazard waste containers appropriately so that each and every person knows the kind of material to be thrown in a particular container

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What You Should Not Do:

  • The regular trash that comes out should not be fed to the biohazard waste containers. This increases your expenses a great deal.
  • For sharps wastes, there are specific sharps waste bags and containers. Discard these dangerous sharps in designated sharps containers and never throw them negligently with the regular wastes.
  • Do not schedule the pickup of waste containers when they are brim-full. These should be picked when they are about three-fourth full.
  • The containers used for disposal of human wastes and animal wastes etc. should also be kept separately.
  • Don’t use the medical waste containers to dispose of the radioactive materials you use.
  • Do not keep the medical waste containers in an open area. All these should be kept at a restricted place with anallowance of only the authorized personnel.

These are some of the aspects which need a cool head to think.

And the best you could do is get the assistance of a good medical waste disposal agency that assists you in all the processes relating medical waste management.

They offer you the best quality waste containers and offer all the services from transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical wastes in accordance with all the regulations of your concerned region.

Get the best assistance on medical waste aspects so that they do not turn a future-issue for you.

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